Sunday, January 10, 2016

We don't do/say that in Room 20

So, this week is the first time that the temperature has felt like winter this year.  11 degrees outside and for some reason my earmuffs fall a half inch below my ears.  On this chilly, wet, and sad afternoon I started thinking about what made me smile throughout my week, since obviously it wasn't the weather.  I realized that a lot of the joy in my week was given to me by my students, unbeknownst to them.  Every time one of them says or does something ridiculously funny I find myself saying my go to phrase of "We don't say/do that in Room 20."  Every now and then I switch it up to, " We don't do that in Speech."  This week I had to use these phrases a lot, so I thought I would share some of my little moments of joy with you.

Here are a few statements or actions from my students that resulted in hearing my catch phrase.

"I got new underwear! I'll show you!" - Starts to take pants off

"I like to smell my toes."

"Can I taste the play-doh?"

"This play-doh tastes like poop." (This one lead to a discussion on not eating poop anywhere, ever.)

-Licking the floor

-Child lifting Rifton chair over head "I AM THE HULK."

Hope you got a little bit of the joy from these! Please share with me some of the ridiculous comments you have heard from your own students :)


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