Sunday, January 31, 2016

Building my Travel SLP Game Collection

I recently have taken on an extra 6 clients, outside of my amazing full-time school SLP position.  I need the extra income because we are saving up for a house, and additionally I want to maintain my speech skill sets outside of working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

So, since I have a whole tribe of new kiddos (all who are pre-school age), I wanted to invest in some games and toys that I can keep at my apartment and then select from each day to throw in my trunk.  

I gave myself a few rules when it came to what purchases I would be making, and I would recommend you do the same!

1. Nothing over $10 (I am trying to save money after all!)

2. Games had to be open-ended, so I could use them during drill activities

3. Used games are A-OK so long as all pieces are included or could easily be replaced

4. Must have a box for ease of travel, or easily be carried in a ziplock bag

So, after I made my rules I had to decide where to look for my new assortment of games.

First, I started checking out Amazon's daily deals and found two games that I was super excited about! They were brand new, and with the use of Amazon Prime's free shipping, each was under $10 so they fit the bill.

The next place I looked was on Facebook! My town has a Mom's market group where people buy and sell items.  I scored these three games from the same mom!  She even gave me Don't Wake Daddy for FREE.  

The last place I looked was a store in my town called Once Upon a Child, that buys and sells all things related to children.  It was here that I scooped up these games for $4.50 each!

Where have you all found your best, cheap toys/activities for home care?


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