Monday, January 2, 2017

What an SLP is thankful for this year

This year has been jam packed with unexpected changes, growth, and life-lessons.  An SLP has to be a jack of all trades, especially when juggling house-work, a family, a job, a second job, sometimes a THIRD job (high-fives to all my hustlers out there), and normal day-to-day responsibilities like banking, grocery shopping, and appointments.  Sometimes you feel like you're not going to survive the week and other times you feel like you might not survive the next hour.  During these moments, it helps to have a reminder of things you are thankful for.  This blog post will serve as my reminder and maybe yours as well :)

I am thankful for:

-My most challenging students who constantly serve as a reminder that I need to be the best I can be, for myself and for them

-Three flights of stairs to my office, because sometimes it's the only exercise I get in a day

-Friendly coworkers to ease the difficulty of Monday mornings

-Mac n Cheese, because, mac n cheese

-Fast fingers and computers to type those reports and log-notes (imagine if it was still by hand!)

-Fast reflexes to dodge tiny pinches or bites

-Amazon Prime for two day shipping

-My family's patience and willingness to respond to the crankiest of text messages on bad days

-Breyers Ice Cream - we go way back

-Starbucks drive thru on Monday and Friday mornings

-That paycheck that comes in the middle of the month rather than on the day rent is due

-My decision to become an SLP, rather than a zamboni driver like my career readiness test in high school suggested (nothing against zamboni drivers, the cold just isn't for me)

-This blog that has helped me connect to SLPs world-wide, meaning I'm thankful for YOU

Happy New Year everyone!!