Monday, January 25, 2016

Quick & Easy Recipe

As a full-time SLP, plus after hours home-care provider, dinner time can be frantic.  I'm usually starving by the time I get home.  I try to decide on Sundays what I will make each day of the week, so I don't lose time being indecisive or figuring out what I can create from anything I find in the fridge that day.  An additional hiccup is having a gluten allergy, so most TV microwave dinners are out of the question.

Pot Roast has been a frequent go to dinner in recent weeks. I took it from my mom's recipe book. It's perfect because you can prep it the night before, or in the morning, and then just plug the crock pot in before you leave for work. It also has that cozy, home-made feel that's perfect for these cold winter nights.

What do you need?

A crockpot that will fit your meat
Beef Chuck Roast (size depends on how many you are feeding)
Salt to liking
Ground Black Pepper to liking
Mini carrots
Fingerling potatoes
Onion powder to liking
2 Cups water
2 Beef bouillon cubes

Lauren, what do I do with these ingredients?


1. Rinse and dry off potatoes -> place them in bottom of crockpot until bottom is covered
2. Rinse and dry off carrots -> layer carrots on top of potatoes in crock pot
3. Place beef chuck roast in crock pot
4. Pour in two cups of water
5. Place 2 beef bouillon cubes in crock pot *Make sure they are covered by the water or they won't dissolve*
6. Sprinkle in Pepper, Salt, and Onion Powder for taste. Make sure these end up both on meat as well as in the water
7. Cover crock pot and set to low if you are going to be at work all day, or high if you will only be gone for 4-5 hours

When you arrive back home, be sure to check to see if your pot roast is done. If it is, you can change the temperature to Warm so that it stays warm without continuing to cook!  Usually I then use the juice in the crock pot to make gravy. I take out two cups worth of liquid, and add it to brown gravy mix, and voila!  You have gravy. You have pot roast. You have carrots. You have potatoes.  Delish!

Looking for more quick & easy dinner ideas? Take a look at Speech 2U's blog post to check out other SLP dinner ideas! Speech 2U - Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas



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  2. Love this idea for a quick and hearty winter dinner!

    1. I hope you try it! If so, be sure to let me know how it comes!

  3. I looooove pot roast with potatoes and carrots! I really need to take advantage of my crock pot more often. Thanks for sharing!

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