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Hi there! My name is Lauren and I am a speech-language pathologist and certified auditory verbal therapist currently working for the NYC Department of Education!  I have worked with students ages 3-21 and who use english, sign language, or AAC devices to communicate.  As a result of such a diverse caseload, I am constantly trying to come up with new kinds of strategies and techniques to use in therapy to make my workload a little easier.  My goal is to make all of your lives easier, as I figure out how to make my own that way :)

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  1. Hello. I just heard your podcast on SLP now and it came at a perfect time for me, as I just received a hearing impaired student in first grade who does not have amplification yet. Bilateral hearing aids were recommended for her sloping high frequency sensorineural hearing loss. I'm helping the family obtain these, but it will be a process, probably 6 months or more. I have a question. Would you kindly recommend an assistive listening device that would be beneficial for her in the short term until she can get her properly fitted hearing aids?