Thursday, February 6, 2020

If You Dread Mondays, You Must Hate Your Job

I've read that quote SO many times.  On Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook.  I'm never quite sure what the point of it is.  Is it intended to make people feel guilty about not appreciating or enjoying their jobs? To convince people they should embark on a career change?  Remind people of just how miserable they must be from Monday-Friday?

I think that quote is ridiculous.

How ridiculous, you ask?  The speech girls and I have already created a construction paper chain, that is strung around our entire speech room, counting down to the last day of school.  For anyone reading this blog in the future, the current month is February and we work until June 26th.

Does this mean I hate my job? That all seven other speech girls do?


We love our job, our students, our teachers, and each other.  If we're dreading Mondays, it's only because we love our weekends, our families, our sleep, and OURSELVES a little bit more.  And nobody should ever be made to feel ashamed of that.  

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